Our Services

Bellallusions offers an extensive portfolio of decorative finishes. We customize finishes to meet our clients personal style, color and vision. Decorative painting can enhance and highlight existing architectural features, create impact and give the 'wow factor' where needed or simply provide a soft backdrop for an already beautiful home. We are very comfortable working in many different design styles. Every project is unique and receives our full attention. Bellallusions works on many surfaces – walls, ceilings, kitchen and bath cabinetry, furniture, stairs, back splashes, floors, and canvas.

  • Glaze Finishes
  • Foil, Leaf, Glitter, Glass and Mica Finishes
  • Venetian, Stone and Breakaway Plasters
  • Metallic Painting and Plasters
  • Modello Designs Masking Patterns
  • Thereom Stenciling
  • Embossed, Embedded, and Allover Stenciling
  • Patinas, Animal Skins and Fabric Looks
  • Geometric and Graphic Designs including Striping, Plaids, etc.  
  • Contemporary, Traditional, Transitional, Old World and Rustic-Industrial Finishes
  • Cabinetry Refinishing and Fine Furniture Finishes
  • Custom Art